Event Monitoring

Event monitoring is a painless way to record your heartbeat away from the doctor’s office. It is a small electrocardiogram (ECG) that you carry with you. Event monitoring records your heartbeat for your doctor to review at a later time. The event monitor lets you record your irregular heartbeat as you feel it. You may carry this monitor for days or weeks. You can receive your heart monitor in a hospital, test center, or doctor’s office.

Your Event Monitor

After you are shown how to use your event monitor, carry it with you all the time. When you feel a symptom, activate the monitor by pressing a button (wristwatch style) or holding it to your chest (small box or credit card style). Be sure to keep a diary.

Event Monitor Diary
  • Write in the time of day for each entry you make
  • Note each change in activity, including when you take medicine.
  • Note any symptoms you feel.



*Also see What is Event Monitoring in the Patient Education section of our website.
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